Givi Soft Bags

The Givi 37 liter Trekker Outback panniers fill up pretty quickly with camp gear on one side and riding gear on the other, so I went with some Givi soft bags to round out my packing needs. 

The Givi 6 liter tank bag is an electronically seam-sealed case with a horseshoe zipper hidden under a waterproof flap.

It connects to the tank with three straps, one that goes around the frame at the base of the triple clamp and two others that connect to frame points left and right under the seat. All straps are adjustable and have quick release fasteners. I've zip-tied the top fastener to deter errant thievery, leaving the other two connectors free to unbuckle for fill ups.

While the zipper on the bag has a sturdy and big pull, the zipper is a hassle making quick access to bag contents something better left to the panniers. Maybe this will get better over time, but I have my doubts. I wouldn't buy this again, opting for something with easier access.

Givi makes a 20 liter cargo bag that fits well atop their panniers with aligned strap ports. This is a roll top dry bag with an air release valve built in to purge unwanted air out of the waterproof bag.

There's a sturdy carrying handle and it ships with a shoulder strap and bungee cords. I use this bag for my camera gear giving me quick access from on top of the pannier without having to remove the Givi bag.

The tail bag is Givi's 40 liter waterproof cargo bag. This carries my Alpine Stars alternative jacket, clothing and travel essentials and all my tech.

It, too, is a dry-bag design with its folding top that latches down on the sides with Givi's quick-release hardware and has two top straps that help in compression. The bag has a dividing handle and also ships with a shoulder strap. It has an air purge valve and mounting loops and d-rings as well.

Both this and the 20l cargo bag serve my purposes well - they're lightweight, watertight, nicely detailed with Givi's branding and design and high functioning, especially compared to their tank bag.

Having developed a reasonable fear of bungee cords after almost losing an eye, I use Rok Straps to secure the Givi bags to the panniers and tail of the Tiger. They're a two-piece strap with webbing that has a looped end and a quick-release buckle on the other that snaps into an elastic element that also has a looped end. Great and quick tie downs with reflective stitching on the elastic ends.


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