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Givi Soft Bags

The Givi 37 liter Trekker Outback panniers fill up pretty quickly with camp gear on one side and riding gear on the other, so I went with some Givi soft bags to round out my packing needs.  The Givi 6 liter tank bag is an electronically seam-sealed case with a horseshoe zipper hidden under a waterproof flap. It connects to the tank with three straps, one that goes around the frame at the base of the triple clamp and two others that connect to frame points left and right under the seat. All straps are adjustable and have quick release fasteners. I've zip-tied the top fastener to deter errant thievery, leaving the other two connectors free to unbuckle for fill ups. While the zipper on the bag has a sturdy and big pull, the zipper is a hassle making quick access to bag contents something better left to the panniers. Maybe this will get better over time, but I have my doubts. I wouldn't buy this again, opting for something with easier access. Givi makes a

Metzler Karoo 3

Read through UTADV and you'll see the three consecutive failures of the rear tube in a new Shinko SR244. Come to find out, the tire itself, though the right size, would slip on the rim and bind the tube which would then fail along the creases. That's when I vowed to not skimp on rubber. The Tiger left D&K Motorcycles in Bountiful yesterday shod in new Metzler Karoo 3s, lauded as a solid 70/30 tire that's very capable in sand. Fits my bill. I'll update as the miles piles on. The guys at D&K in Bountiful are great, by the way, and their service is impeccable.