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Givi Trekker Outback 37L Panniers

Calling anything on a motorcycle weatherproof is a misnomer, unless we're talking about these panniers. O-ring sealed, riveted aluminum and reinforced polymer construction make these live up to the claim, not to mention bullet-proof, or I should say high and low side proof. Givi engineered clever locking systems that works tandem in securing the box and securing the box to the bike. And those clever Italians created a fail-safe way to know that the panniers are firmly attached to the rack with their green-means-go indicators. Thirty seven liters is enough to hold all my usual gear for ADV camping and I appreciate the anchor points in the recessed lids for more storage.

Auxiliary Power

While the Tiger has a European cig lighter port adjacent the ignition switch, I installed a RioRand 12V/5V socket and power port on the handlebar as well, to power the iPhone and InReach GPS. I'm not crazy about the quality, but it never failed me on the KLR so I thought to give it a go on the 800XC. I also added a waterproof iPhone 7/8 mount.

From the TT to the XC

My first experience with a Triumph motorcycle was on a Bonneville. Not too terribly exciting given the bike's ubiquity and longevity, arguably the bike that kept Triumph in business, much like Harley's Sportster. What made the experience extraordinary were 1) my spouse was pillion, 2) we were on Isle of Man and 3) riding the circuit of the TT the week before the race. Bucket list living. Since selling my previous ride, the KLR 650 , I've been in one of those bikeless funks, especially since converting to ADV riding. I hit the sites, the ratings, the rankings, the owner forums, thinking all the while I'd go Bavarian, but in my digging around I found that things weren't all they're cracked up to be in the Black Forests; that according to riders and reviewers alike, there was something better. A Brit. A Triumph Tiger 800XC now occupies my garage and is my weekly commuter, 1000 kilometers a week, longitudinally across the State of Utah. This one a t